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Moving toys!

The children have throughly enjoyed the design and technology topic on moving toys.  We investigated how wooden toys with cams worked and then this helped the children think about how cams work;

it allowed them to think about what might be needed in their design.  So with all this in mind, the children had to explore how cams work and think of how they can use this in a design.


How to spy on your friends and neighbours!

We had a fun science lesson thinking about how we could look round corners or spy on friends over the fence. We were actually looking at how periscopes work and how useful they can be. The children had to explore and think about how the light reflected/bounced of the mirror. They had to use their understanding of how light travels for them to work. to be able to make the connections as to what happens.

Square and prime numbers

In class last week we were looking at what makes a square and prime number. They used the numicon to see how a square number is made. The children also thought about what makes a prime number. We also carried out some great investigating – such as , does adding to prime numbers make a square number.


The children have investigated how shadows are formed and how they change size. It allowed them to think about why the shadow gets bigger.

Multiplying and dividing by 10,100 and 1000

The children had great fun today using the base ten equipment to show how the numbers were getting bigger and smaller when dividing by 10,100 and 1000.

Experimenting with light

Maple Class have recently been finding out about how light travels. With the help of a few mirrors and some torches, we discovered that it travels in a straight line. It was really interesting watching the beams of light bounce off the mirrors!


This week we have been looking at carrying out subtraction using decomposition. We have been using words like exchange and adjust – we avoid words like borrow as we never put it back. The children have loved the investigations we have carried out this week – ask them to tell you what they have done.

Super Movers – BBC Sport

Welcome to Super Movers! Helping children across the UK to get physically active with curriculum linked videos.
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These are fantastic videos that can be used with the children to help them learn their times tables. They are great fun and a bit of an ear worm once you have listened a few times!!

Table mania has arrived!

A great times table game to play with the children – just ask them!

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