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This week we have been looking at carrying out subtraction using decomposition. We have been using words like exchange and adjust – we avoid words like borrow as we never put it back. The children have loved the investigations we have carried out this week – ask them to tell you what they have done.


Super Movers – BBC Sport

Welcome to Super Movers! Helping children across the UK to get physically active with curriculum linked videos.
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These are fantastic videos that can be used with the children to help them learn their times tables. They are great fun and a bit of an ear worm once you have listened a few times!!

Table mania has arrived!

A great times table game to play with the children – just ask them!


In science today we have been looking at gears and how they work. We borrowed a bike and studied how the gears worked and thought about why the wheel was harder to push. They then used this understanding to explore how gears worked by making different combinations.

Mental Maths Tests and Games

We are looking at the mental maths strategies that we use and how we can solve many questions by just using what we know. I have posted this website so that you can test your mental maths skills on these maths games for 7 – 11 year old. Lots of these are tablet friendly which is great.
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Roman Numeral Shed – The Mathematics Shed

Resources to help teach Roman Numerals
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Lots of great ideas and videos on Roman numerals

Roman Numerals Quiz

This online, self marking quiz tests your ability to convert Roman numerals.
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Just a bit of fun!!


Don’t forget to use this great resource which help improve their mental maths skills. It is pitched at their level and gives them right amount of challenge. Make sure they don’t spend most of their time in the house…..playing .

Star constellations…..

It has been a busy morning where the children had to create their own star constellation. It took a great deal of perseverance and concentration……We also used the iPad app – the night sky – to look at these place up in outer space. There was certainly lots of awe and wonder!!

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