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Print making

Here at Morris & co. we like to try different ways of trying to produce a print – the children have loved using the printing paint this time to create their master pieces. It was rather messy but they have created some super art work!


World book day

Pictures of World book day:

Morris and Co.

In class we have been looking at the art of William Morris. The children have loved the patterns that he created and how symmetrical they can be. So we decided to open up our own printing business which meant we had to design and make the pieces and then try to sell what they have created.


The children had to think about the things they have learnt in school and place them on a timeline.

Victorian life in East Harling primary school

We’ve had a fantastic day thinking about what life would have been like for a child at East Harling primary school.

Internet safety

As a school we have been raising the profile of internet safety and the choices that we make online. The children have been lucky enough to watch a play about the choices you make online. It was about who you share your information with online.

Equivalent fractions

We have been looking at equivalent fractions using concrete materials and this enables the children to make the connections. They have seen that you have to multiply or divide the fraction to be able to convert them.

Long multiplication

We have been looking at long multiplication – the children have amazed me at how hard they have been working to master this method. Find below pictures of what they have been doing in class. We have gone from using a grid method to the more recent formal calculation. Ask the children how it works!

Finished moving toys!

The children created some amazing moving toys!

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