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Homework for the summer term!



Find attached the homework sheet!

My amazing brain

In class we have been looking at how the brain works and how it can help us in our learning.  The children recapped on what the brain does

and what they have to do to make the connections in their learning.  We also considered the mindset that they need when completing work  – a much more open mindset and not to be afraid to make mistakes.

Building walls

The children all had a chance of building a brick wall. Here are some pictures of what took place.

Moving toys

The children having been looking at moving toys in design and technology. They had to look at how cams work and the impact they have on the design. It was a great chance to explore and see how the wooden toys worked. From this, it gave them the ideas to produce their own designs and then make them! There are some amazing designs!

Times tables

It would be great if you could ensure that your child is fluent in their times tables facts. I have attached a link for some songs that might help your child to learn the different times tables. The government do expect All children to know their tables to 12 by the time they finish year 4. If they have this in place, it will allow them to find things easier in the work we cover in year 5. I know how hard it is to get them to keep trying – I have daughter in year 5 and I have to keep nagging her but I feel she is beginning to reap the rewards of this.

Click on the side for the other sheds for the other times tables. I can’t validate all of them but the ones I have looked at seem fun. There is also loads of other resources you could use to help your child.

The lighthouse keeper

I have put the link to the short video below. Enjoy, and remember to jot some ideas down.



The children are continuing the work on light. Last week they looked at whether light travelled in straight lines and they found out that it does. From this, they are investigating how the shadow changes. Some great ideas were suggested.

Norwich cathedral project

The children have taken part in a singing project at Norwich cathedral. It is an amazing building and they are lucky to be able to sing in such an amazing place. They have worked hard and were fantastic at their singing. Well done Maple class!

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